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05-25-15     Fantasy Charters & Lodging has new main number 315-947-6328

02-28-03     Fantasy Charters & Lodging is proud to announce we have become an affiliate of the Bass Pro Shops.   

01-02-02     Special Notice: We have been experiencing computer problems. Sadly this problem has cost us our email address book, and any recent emails we have received. If we did not reply to your email during the "holidays" please resend you're email. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but are unable to restore what was lost during the hard drive failure.  Happy New Year from Fantasy Charters!

06-21-01     The information regarding Fantasy Charters joining the R&R lures Pro staff was put up on the new page.

04-03-01    After purchasing a new web hosting program at Bizland for financial reasons the Photo Album has been added to the main site instead of being hosted on a second site. Because of this the Navigation of the two sites had to be merged. I hope it is still easy to find your way around our site.

10-14-00   Added a new look to the main page. After changing the style of the photo album last month I decided to change the navigational structure and a few things on the site.

6-23-00     I've been lazy here. Since the season has started I have added a few pictures to the "Spring" page of the photo album, and one to the "Kids" page. I have also created the Braggin Board which has been updated a few times. I will probably only add "Updates" to this list when I do something other than add the latest charter photos.

3-23-00    Added current weather conditions to the Location Page with help of weather.com

3-18-00    Navigation buttons added to left of every page to make navigation between pages easier.

3-12-00    UPDATE page added to the web to help people see what changes have taken place since their last visit to our web page since we are continually updating and adding things to our web page.

3-12-00    Fantasy Charters Joins the newly formed A LAKE ONTARIO FISHING RING

3-12-00    FAQ page added to web

3-11-00    Fantasy PHOTO Album pages added. Over 5 pages of thumbnails!

3-9-00    LODGING page updated with photos

3-8-00    LOCATION page added and completed

3-7-00    CONTACT information page updated

3-6-00    FANTASY was pleased to find out the Guest Book works with our first ever guest! We were also pleased to see it reached one of our former clients who moved out west years ago! It was great to here from you Ken! Glad you found us on the web. Looking forward to hearing from more of our former and present clients.

3-6-00    LODGING page converted to new format

3-5-00    Fantasy Charters joins GUEST WORLD and adds Guest Book Links to site

3-5-00    LINKS page converted and updated

3-4-00    FISHING SEASON  page converted and updated

3-2-00    Fantasy Charters Joins the International Fishing Ring to help promote the site

2-29-00    ABOUT the CAPT page converted to new format

2-28-00    ABOUT_US page converted to new format

2-27-00    SPRING SPECIAL page added

2-26-00    PRICING page updated and added

2-24-00    New look Web Page begins operation

2-12-00    Begin converting web to FrontPage format

1-8-00    Pages added to Bizbuilder web page   

12-31-00    Fantasy starts first web page on BIZLAND's web services.

12-25-99    Fantasy Charters Enters the Web by purchasing domain name www.fishinglakeontario.com



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